Commander on Saturday @ 11 am and Guild of Ravnica Draft @ 2 pm

Modern Magic — magic the gathering videos

Somehow, I don't think that making the discard deck discard is likely to go well for me. Then again, if Hollow One is already in the graveyard, then it can't be cast! 

Legacy Magic — Bant Infect vs. Cloudpost MUD

This was my first tournament playing Infect in Legacy since the banning of Gitaxian Probe and Deathrite Shaman, the former of which hurts us and the latter of which helps us. That said, with what do I swap Probe? I elected to simply make a 1:1 switch with Ponder, which gives the deck more reach and lets it find its combo pieces more readily. While we can no longer see if the coast is clear, we can instead better recover from a failed attempt. magic the gathering magic the gathering videos hobby shop

Vintage Magic — Inferno Oath vs. Jewel Shops

Jewel Shops, named after Coveted Jewel, is my newest brew for Vintage. (Yes, there's still room to brew in MtG's oldest format!) Basically, Coveted Jewel is a house, a draw spell in a deck that usually lacks too many of those. Just watch how many cards I draw in one turn! 

Standard — Izzet God-Pharaoh's Gift vs. Ramunap Red

T1 Glistener Elf vs TJ Poole

8 Rack Mirror

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